18 augustus 2009

Making the neelderoll

Here he is finally the explanation for making the needleroll.
As I already wrote, there are several ways to make it. This is not the most beautiful, but it is one of the easiest ...

Depending on how big / thick you want to make your neeldroll, embroidery along the sides a row of backstitch. I did this on 3 stitches from the edge of the embroidery.

For the top and bottom I have, 25 stitches from the embroidery, stitched vertical back stitches. This will be easy when you turn your fabric with the wrong side up. Stitch now a row of half crosses. If you turn the fabric you see vertical stitches.

Cut along the long sides of the fabric about 4-5 stabbing from the embroidery. If you let too much fabric, the fabric will make it difficult to make the top and bottom.

The top and bottom cut your fabric on 3 from the vertical back stitches. Would you like a long fringe to your needle roll, save more fabric.

Sew the long sides using the biscornu way. (more info can be found in the biscornu).

Take at the top and bottom the threads out of the fabric to the vertical backstitches.

To pull the fabric on the top and bottom together, use an sewing wire and never an embroidery wire. I am always using a double thread.

Starting on the back of the role, on 12 stitches distance of the embroidery, thread the wire through the fabric. This is the best if you make small stitches.

If you completely in the round you are pulling the wire tight. It will probably not close the fabric entirely. This is easily remedied by the wire a few times around the fabric to run him tightly to attract. This now seems not so good, but if you have made a ribbon around you see nothing more.

Thread least now the other side, but still not pull the thread tightly to.

Fill out the needle wheelroll. If the roll is completely filled you pull the wire tight. The completion is just like the other side.

Your needle roll is nearly finished. Tie a ribbon on both sides.

Have fun with your needle roll.

NOTE: All dimensions are listed here as I have used. You can use other dimensions also.

A part of this blog is translated automatically with Google. Corrections will be valued.

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Isadora zei

Hello, I've finished my needleroll, it's beautiful! Would you like to see it? I haven't posted the pictures in my blog yet, shall I send them to you through e-mail or wait until I post them in the blog?
I've also made the biscornu with 15 sides, this one's in the blog, you can have a look if you wish!

Babs zei

Well, it's still very nice. It doesn't have to be difficult for something to be nice.

Greetings, Babs

Anoniem zei

Oo ook helemaal in het Engels, knap hoor.

en de eerste rolletjes zijn al weer af, leuk hé !!;-)

marian'ne m

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