23 februari 2010


Soms kom je op internet iets tegen dat je denkt... WOW.
Dit is zo iets:

Sometimes you see something on the internet that you think... WOW.
This is something like that:

Je kunt er meer over lezen (en meer foto's bekijken) op justathought.net. Dit ga ik zeker eens proberen.

You can read more about it (and see more pictures) at justathought.net. I think i will make this someday.

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najma zei

what to say? it's really lovely and awsome
wish i could have one like that

hope you're having a nice day
best wishes

Yoyo zei

WOW is right. Thank you for sharing that. I've been wanting to try something similar to that for quite a while and this may be a good boost toward that idea.

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Ren zei

Wat bijzonder! Zeker WOWWW!